See what our human hair eyebrows can do for you.

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The Aging Eyebrow

Over time our bodies will, at some point, slow their production of hair. We can color our hair and lift our faces, and with NU-BROW® we can replace our eyebrows with a natural- looking solution.

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Taming Eyebrows

In our attempt to control the growth of our eyebrows, we often damage them. Through the years, repeated tweezing, plucking, or shaving can inhibit hair growth causing the hairs of the eyebrow to stop growing.

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Medical conditions that result in the loss of eyebrows can be emotionally distressing. However, NU-BROW® offers a line of products for both men and women to assist them during this difficult time.

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Men's Eyebrows

NU-BROW® is proud to offer an exclusive eyebrow line for men. Whether need assistance for eyebrow loss due to an unfortunate medical condition or if you are simply getting older we can help

Instantly Achieve Sexy Full Brows with our Eyebrow Enhancement Kit

Dramatically changing your look can be as easy as changing your eyebrows! With the introduction of Nubrow®, it’s possible to conceal sparse, over-plucked or thinning eyebrows and cover them with thick, sensuous, natural-looking brows that conform to the shape of one’s face, in a matter of seconds. Nothing compares to the brow because it’s the facial feature that makes the most significant difference in the way your look. Full, correctly shaped eyebrows frame the eyes and brighten the face. Nubrow® Eyebrows give you beautiful, natural looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows - every time.

You too can achieve natural eyebrows

Few people are born with perfectly-shaped eyebrows. And for many, achieving beautiful, natural eyebrows is a challenge. Some turn to using eyebrow stencils, eyebrow pencils, or eyebrow powders. Other tweeze, wax, or shave unwanted eyebrow hairs. Regardless of the regime, the results of these techniques usually result in eyebrows that lack dimension or aren't the perfect shape or fullness. NU-BROW® Eyebrows give you beautifully-shaped, perfect eyebrows - every time.

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